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the undisputed lie (ladytron)
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07 14 10(no subject)

Harry Potter. Regulus Black (gen). PG-13. I'm writing 100 drabbles in the name of Regulus Black for a challenge on this community. So enjoy the first :)

The first time the liquid touches his lips, he's certain that the consequence will be death.Collapse )

05 04 10(no subject)

silhouette of memory. chapter 16.
Bam/Ville. NC-17. Warnings: smut, language. Bam consults a psychiatrist. Beta'd by poisonxangel. Banner by myrskya. prologue. chapter 1. chapter 2. chapter 3. chapter 4. chapter 5. chapter 6. chapter 7. chapter 8. chapter 9. chapter 10. chapter 11. chapter 12/Pt. 1. chapter 12/Pt. 2. chapter 13. chapter 14. chapter 15

His eyes betrayed him.Collapse )

04 16 10(no subject)

Ville/Bam. NC-17. Warnings: s&m, erotic asphyxiation, smut, language. They both liked to play the game. Beta'd by poisonxangel.

Friday night, 10:00 pmCollapse )

04 15 10(no subject)

of pagan blood. intro.
Ville/Bam. PG-13. The year was 810 A.D.: the height of the middle ages. The landscape and the climate of this place were fierce, almost as fierce as the people, gathered in their mead halls and their brothels. Sailing across distant oceans to conquer and raid and fill themselves with stolen liquor, their hands and their necks and their bodies adorned with the stolen wealth of nations. Beta'd by poisonxangel. This is an experimental piece for what I think is going to become a chaptered fic if you guys think it's worthy :D I've had to muck about with Ville and Bam's names and heritage for historical accuracy's sake, so bare with it. Also, please to be giving feedback at the end. For now, I'm just throwing it out there. Look for it sometime soon if enough people express interest :) If not...then it'll probably show up later on anyway because it keeps nagging me.

The year was 810 A.D.Collapse )

04 02 10(no subject)

in aeternum part 2: eternus poena.
Ville/Bam. R. Warnings: language, angst. Beta'd by poisonxangel. I've decided to write more. Anyway, Silhouette is next! Promise! I'm also perfectly aware that this is far from accurate on any extraneous details, but whatever, that's why it's fanfiction. part 1: in aeternum

His eyes were gelled with tears, the tell-tale liquid staining his cheeks all the way down to his neck, where his long strands of perpetually wind-blown hair no longer rested.Collapse )

Title: In Aeternum Pt. 1 (Prompt Table Fic: Pain)
Fandom: VAM
Rating: NC-17 (Violence, Angst, Dubcon, Language)
Summary: “There is no greater sorrow than to recall happiness in times of misery” -Dante Alighieri
Beta: poisonxangel, thank you.
A/Ns: Don't read this and then get pissy at me. In fact, I'll put this warning here: Read at your own risk!!! Some seriously dubious consent is contained in this fic.

Part 2: Eternus Poena

In Aeternum.Collapse )

Thanks so much everyone for adding and reading, even if I do find myself in a writing rut sometimes. I love you guys! :]

In other news, I completely revamped the layout and the profile. I also edited all of my stories (yeeeesh) to look nicer. Check it out!
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